Welcome to Christkindl Online

Welcome to Christkindl Online! Whether you are a regular in store or are completely new to us altogether, we thought we would just introduce ourselves and what we are planning for the future of Christkindl.

Who are we?

Neil and Lesley - our lovely new owners, the sane ones who make sure everything runs smoothly. Lesley is often in the shop so you'll likely see her finishing orders for click and collect. Neil runs all the technical stuff that I can't figure out and is sometimes roped in for heavy lifting in store, as well as kindly making tea for us all! 

Dilys - resident photographer, Christkindl manager and the lady who was previously across the road from us at Dilys Photography Gallery, frequently dressed in some sort of Halloween get-up for pumpkin competitions, whether it was October or not! She also is the Chair of Saundersfoot's Chamber of Tourism and is bursting with ideas for the village when COVID - 19 lockdown restrictions allow a return to normality.

And finally, Beth (Me) - Christkindl Online Manager and Shop Supervisor, and yet another mad lady who some may have seen in previous years either across the road at the Gallery or elsewhere in the village, who also used to get roped into dressing up as a witch or reindeer, or stacked behind a pile of papers at the desk. 

That's us - we are a small team but hugely excited and dedicated to maintaining Christkindl's success in Saundersfoot and sharing our lovely little shop with you all virtually while we are still in lockdown. Locals may see us in the shop window from time to time - we are taking product photographs for the website.. Well, when I say 'we' I mean Dilys is taking the photographs, Lesley is running up and down the shop collecting the products for photographing (in between wrapping others for our website orders) and I will most likely be perched on a stool in the corner, watching these two lovely ladies hard at work from a laptop screen. I promise I am being productive too, even if I am technically at home and not in Saundersfoot - I upload the images to our website and create the products online, whilst monitoring orders and social media.


Christkindl Online

Yes, we finally did it! We've entered the world of online-shopping! Lockdown has been good for one thing and that's giving us the opportunity and most importantly, the time, to set up our online shop and gallery. As many regulars know, Christkindl is often very busy and previously hasn't had the chance to go online. However, at this time when the high streets are empty and the shop is quiet, we have been designing our website and are constantly uploading more products and collections for you to explore. If you're looking for something in particular, you can search using the search bar or contact us. As you might have guessed, there are lots of products to go online and even more coming soon with our new ranges such as ROKA London and brand new stock from some of the Christkindl favourites. We're going as fast as we can to put them all up, although we do occasionally have some distractions - some demanding puppies for instance. But rest assured, there is already a range of collections and themes to search through. You can go by brand, theme or in the traditional Christkindl style, 'view all' at once!

What's Next?

For now, we like the rest of the country, are following the COVID 19 restrictions and are only able to sell our lovely products through our website and click and collect for local customers. Whilst this isn't the same, we hope that by looking through our website, Facebook and Instagram posts, we can share the best of Christkindl with you, wherever you are and just pray that we are all allowed back to Saundersfoot soon and when it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, we are hoping to have a little feng-shui of the shop. We have some new collections and brands coming to Christkindl (which can be found on the website) and are hoping to have a freshen up by the time everyone comes back to our store. Nothing to worry about - it will still be the same Christkindl that is loved by so many, with just a few changes... Watch this space for more! 

Until then, browse our online store and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Keep safe, everyone!

Beth <3

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