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Christkindl has been lucky enough to have seen two decades of trading in Saundersfoot, meeting amazing people from all across the UK, far flung areas of the globe and the many, many lovely locals who support us all year around. Our website now means that we have the opportunity to be available for 12 months of the year! But to keep such a business going for so long, you need great products to sell. One thing that we do well (even if we do say so ourselves) is variety. You'd be amazed by the amount of wonderful stock we actually have, to the point where I still see things in the shop that I have never seen before! Christkindl has grown from being a shop best known for (you guessed it) our Christmas stock, to a business that now looks forward to every month in the year. Clothes, children's toys, decorations, ornaments, greetings cards, stationary, keepsakes, jewellery, toiletries, bags! We've been steadily expanding our great range of products to give our customers an interesting choice of beautiful buys. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

A big part of having such a variety is down to our beautiful and brilliant brands. So, if you haven't met them yet, now's your chance:


The softest, cuddliest and most lovable brand EVER! Jellycat holds a very special place at Christkindl and with every delivery of new stock, the 'awwww's get bigger and bigger. Primarily soft toys, these little beauties are suitable for everyone from 0 years to 100+. The characters that fill our Kids Korner in the Saundersfoot shop are so loved, from Fuddlewuddle Elephant to Mattie Monkey and of course, our Bashful Bunnies. However, it's not just toys - Christkindl also stock the amazing Jellycat story books. These wonderful stories teach children to be brave, to be who they are, teaches them about love and friendship, about the wonderful places the world has to offer, and the amazing animals who live in it. These books are simply charming and will encourage a love of literature from a young age. The best bit, you get to read these stories with the very characters that star in it! It's a fluffy, cuddly, lovable experience! 


Joma Jewellery

Oh, Joma! Timeless, personal and so elegant at such great prices! Our Joma Jewellery collection is one of our largest, with necklaces, watches, earrings and of course, our treasured 'A Little' bracelets. With something for any occasion, every Joma Jewellery item has a special message to send to show that you are special. With real gold and silver plating, Joma Jewellery is the perfect combination of style and quality, with more than 'a little' happiness thrown in.


East of India

Instantly recognisable for it's classic design and lovely sentiments, East of India is a cherished part of Christkindl's store. These beautiful keepsake bring the biggest smiles and in some cases, even some glassy eyes that make the perfect gifts for loved ones, or simply stylish additions to your own home. Made from porcelain, the beautiful keepsakes collection from this UK-based company has a unique history. Inspired by travels through Asia, the East of India founders wanted to use traditional skills that had been passed down through generations to make their delicate and charming, hand-crafted creations. Such an incredible story with global influences and maintaining cherished traditions to make new products. We also stock East of India stationary and kitchen-ware, which are equally as lovely as their other products, that it's almost a shame to have to use them! 


Inspired by the coast. Sound familiar? Treaty is a jewellery company based in Cornwall that owes much of their origins to the beauty of the Cornish coastline. With hammered and printed effects in their jewellery, you can often see the marks of the beach these products, and all hand made. All of their pieces are made with sustainable materials, tried and tested over decades elsewhere. Finally, all pieces are silver plated and hypo-allergic. A trusted brand world-wide and we are thrilled to have been a stockist for many years, with many more to come.



We've been to the east, now we're heading up north! Pilgrim bring some Scandi-style to West Wales, with some beautiful jewellery 'made by hand and heart'. Designed in Denmark, this brand prides itself on authenticity. With a variety of styles, their plated jewellery ensures long-lasting quality. The Pilgrim jewellery makes a great present, with our beautiful watch collection having real leather straps and both silver and gold plating. Perfect to dress up a casual outfit. An early addition to Christkindl and it's still going strong!


Eco Chic

One of our first eco-friendly brands at Christkindl, Eco-Chic is an old favourite of ours. Their mission - to create fun products that are quality and also help the environment. Most of Eco-Chic's bags and other products are made from recycled plastic bottles that are stripped and made into thread. But the coffee cups are my favourite - made from bamboo and recycled plastic, these are a brilliant size for a short trip in the car to keep your beverage warm. Coming in a range of quirky designs, Christkindl and Eco-Chic are determined to contribute to doing our part in saving the world - it's not that big a job, is it?



Roka London

A brand new addition to the Christkindl family, ROKA London comes to Saundersfoot. These fantastic bags are fashionable and quality items. Waterproof, roomy and stylish, these bags are great to use for all sorts of activities. From university to a day at the beach, a hike in Austria or a day out shopping, men, women and kids - they are simply great! With compartments that secure in your laptop and a number of zipped pockets, these bags come with adjustable and multipurpose straps. What could be better? Oh yes! There's even an eco friendly range, where the bags are made from recycled materials to create some seriously sustainably-stylish bags! Helping our oceans by using recycled plastics? Big thumbs up from us!



One of our most colourful collections, Lua is another of our bags and accessories brands. Like East of India, Lua's origins started with inspiration from Asia. The colours of Vietnam were so bold and beautiful that Lua wanted to bring it back to the UK. We stock their Wildlife range, which supports the charity Rewilding Britain and the use of their luxurious velvet materials help support children's foundations in Vietnam still to this day. Such good work combined with their quirky and brightly designed accessories is why we love Lua so much.


Gisela Graham

Oh how we love a bit of Gisela Graham! Christkindl feels so incredibly lucky to be a stockist of a brand that makes such a variety of great products. Winning awards for her designs, Gisela Graham's amazing decorations and gifts are sold all over the world, covering all the seasons and calendar events. From Christmas to Easter, spring blooms to autumn cosies, we've got it all. Personal gifts for family and friends, themes such as seaside, garden and wildlife, we have GG products ranging from mugs and jugs, stationary, plant pots, and simply beautiful ornaments. Such variety! Remind you of anyone? No wonder we love her so much! 

Busy B

Stationery-lovers! Look no further! Busy B is at Christkindl and stocks THE most stylish stationary ever! These products are soooo good that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them before! For everyone who loves organisation, try the Busy B couples calendar to make sure that you and your other half make time for each other, or the ‘I’m soooo organised’ greetings card folder, so you never forget any special dates ever again! 

Bright Side

The fact that Bright Side's goal is to have 'optimistic thinkings that celebrates the art of the silver lining and being really rather nice to each other' and to spread a smile across the world is brilliant enough (and definitely what the world needs right now), but their products are more than that. These amazing homeware and gifts are literally GOLD, and you're guaranteed to chuckle when you see them! 


And that's about all of them. We are immensely proud to be exclusive stockists of these brands in Saundersfoot. Will we be getting anymore new ones? Perhaps... We may need to build an extension to house all of this wonderful stock, but honestly, can you blame us? We LOVE our brands with all our hearts, and they are partly what makes Christkindl what it is, and why our customers have been coming back for more for two decades. With the changes to our shop in Saundersfoot, they all each have their own pride-of-place sections, in addition to their own collections online. So what are you waiting for? 


Disclaimer: some of the images in this article, including those in the profile picture, are registered trademarks to the individual companies. Christkindl does not own the rights to these images but we do have the permissions from the respective companies to use images from their websites to advertise their products in our store.

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