New Changes at Christkindl

This year's lockdown has given us time and an opportunity to explore our options in the shop. Layout, stock and general decorative work, we were buzzing with ideas to have a feng shui of the furniture and give everything a bit of a paint job to make the store look fresh for when customers returned to the village. However, once we started, we simply couldn't stop! A zoom call that was only supposed to be 15 minutes turned into a 2 and a half hour brainstorm of plans for a redesign to Kidz Korner and a complete manoeuvre of our ladies wear section! 

With social distancing restrictions looking like they would be a part of business life for the foreseeable future, lockdown showed us that we could make the shop more spacious and easier to navigate when needing a 2 meter distance between customers. Our tables therefore needed moving, our shelving rearranged and whole new areas created for our home furnishing, locally made products and the Gent's collection. We needed to make room for all of the lovely stock that was on its way - and quickly! Knowing that we would have at least two months of lockdown to make some changes, we set to work and spent hours in the freezing cold to give the shop a tidy up. The mess we made was astonishing (really - seriously messy!) but we hope it was worth it. Since opening, our wonderful customers have been so kind in sharing their thoughts with us. We've had a fantastic response to the additions we have made and seen the relief on people's faces when they realised that the shop was still the same at heart. 

But that's enough talk. As our resident photographer, Dilys says, a picture tells you more than words, especially online! They may not show the blood, sweat and tears, the laughs and negotiations and all of the business-y side to this story, but they show what counts. After a seemingly long time, they show the shop at its best and open for everyone to see.  We really would appreciate any feedback, either on social media, in the comments below or when you're next in Saundersfoot. So, kick back and have a browse through. Welcome to Christkindl 2021.


Pre-Lockdown: The new team opened in December 2020 - albeit only for a few weeks before the Christmas lockdown.

Post-Lockdown: We are open at last! We have been reopen since 12th April - when non-essential shops were allowed to reopen in Wales.

In here, there be treasure!: A treasure trove indeed of amazing products that Christkindl customers have come to know so well. 


Where the magic happens: the studio of Dilys Gallery, where we make the photographs up for our customers. (It doesn't always stay this tidy mind!)



Ummmm, I'll tidy it up later...: We made a bit of a mess moving stock out of the cabinets to move the furniture around. Okay, a lot of a mess.


Changing positions: You have NO IDEA how heavy that unit was to move!

But it was worth it though - sooo much storage!! Woohooo!

Meanwhile, outside: those colours though! Amazing work by the painter and decorator. The man is also not scared of heights or ladders, just looking up at him working on the flat above the shop made my legs feel funny!


New stock goes in: almost finished.

Superman Dave built a wall!: our brand new home furnishings collection had a custom-made home!

New Sign: our new owners show off the new sign (after a full health and safety risk assessment, of course)

Pride of place: our seaside collection has a brand new unit to show it off in the window, while our younger customers have a whole room to explore in the new Kids Korner. Can you spot Bashful Bunny in the hot air balloon?

The Gallery: an open-plan space to show of these beautiful photographs

Welcome Crew: our Crew Clothing line for ladies and men, and our Gents zone, somewhere for the boys to go shopping!

Inside, done!: What a difference a few months make

 Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way, and for everyone who has supported us to help us reach this point. 

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