Christkindl Blog

  • New Changes at Christkindl

    Since taking over Christkindl in December 2020, we have made some changes to the shop in Saundersfoot, most notably the addition of the gallery in the front of the shop and moving the children's section to the back room. Then came another lockdown, giving us more opportunities to explore our options for a freshen up in store and a redesign of our layout. Click here to explore more!
  • Our Brands

    New and Old, all our brands are a cherished part of Christkindl and an important element that our customers love! Read here for more.
  • How I Met My Boss - Dilys Gallery's Journey To Christkindl

    Born and bred in Pembrokeshire, this photographer's gallery goes back further than Christkindl, and even before she was across the road. Click here to read more about Dilys' time with the Gallery.
  • Welcome to Christkindl Online

    Hello! Welcome to our website! Click here to read more about who we are, what we have been up to in lockdown and what we are planning next!